Bringing together the best builders of web3
March 8th - March 11th, 2024


in prizes and bounties

£30 deposit is returned as long as you participate

Deadline 3 (Guaranteed free accommodation): March 3rd, 23:59 UTCFINAL HACK REGISTRATION DEADLINE: March 7th, 23:59 UTCGala Dinner Extra Ticket Release: March 10th, 21:00 UTC

Register before Feb 26th for a chance to win hardware wallets and a secret prize (ft. Manchester United football team * T&C apply)!

You will find more information about the hackathon on our hackathon management platform. We send out invitations to accepted hackers three times a week.





Tech partners

community and education partners


ETH Oxford is a 3-day web3 hackathon hosted by HomeDAO between March 8 - 11. We welcome veteran web3 developers and developers only beginning their blockchain journey.To learn more, please visit our Taikai hackathon page.The hackathon forms the Oxford Blockchain Week together with the Oxford Blockchain Conference, hosted right after the hackathon, March 12 - 13. Grab your tickets and learn more about the conference here!

Deadline 1 (Hacker 50% discounted Gala tickets): Feb 26th, 23:59 UTCDeadline 2 (Gala ticket): Feb 28th, 23:59 UTCDeadline 3 (Guaranteed free accommodation): March 3rd, 23:59 UTC


Main Venue

Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford.
University of Oxford, Radcliffe Observatory, Andrew Wiles Building, Woodstock Rd, Oxford OX2 6GG, United Kingdom. Google maps

The main venue has a number of spaces for our use during the hackathon:

  • South and North Mezzanine: open space for builders (24/7 access).

  • L1 lecture hall: opening ceremony and keynote speeches.

  • C1: staff and sponsors room (24/7 access).

  • C2-C5: workshops and at night, sleeping rooms (24/7 access).

  • C6: workshops and women's napping room (24/7 access).

Gala Dinner

Exeter College Dining Hall
College of J.R.R. Tolkien, creator of Lord of the Rings
Google maps

Hacker Houses


HomeDAO H2

AntAlpha hacker house! Location: 21 Stable Cl, Oxford OX1 2RF Google Maps

Apply to join here!

More hacker houses will be announced on a rolling basis

The Gala Dinner

The Gala dinner is a 3-course formal dinner with wine included hosted at Exeter College. All judges of the Main Tracks will be in attendance, as will sponsors and all Main Tracks finalists from the hackathon (finalists win free tickets). All accepted hackers receive a 50% discount code for the Gala dinner, sent out 3 times a week.Dress code: formal (suit or dress), but we won't refuse anyone at the door.

Exeter Dining Hall

2023 Blockchain Conference Dinner

Fellow's Garden (pre-drinks)


We are delighted to share that all participants attending the Oxford Blockchain Week are offered a 25% discount with hotel partner the Galaxie - Oxford Boutique Hotel located just 10 minutes from the Main Venue. Use discount code "Blockchain25" at check-out.

Main venue

For students and other hackers on a budget, we will offer (first come, first serve) simple mattresses in classrooms that, for the hackathon, have been temporarily converted into nap, sleep and resting rooms! One of the rooms will be reserved for female-identifying attendees.We require attendees to bring their own sleeping bags if they wish to use this option. They will be able to purchase one from HomeDAO for £20 if they are unable to bring one themselves.


ETH Oxford has both Main Tracks and Sponsor Bounties. Builders compete by submitting projects to Main Tracks, Sponsor Bounties, or both!Main Track
Based on the category brief and judging criteria, the top 3 projects within each track are selected as finalists by a panel of domain experts. Finalists are given free tickets to the Gala Dinner.
Sponsor Bounties
Bounty sponsors define submission scope and marking criteria and decide winners for their bounty. Builders can submit the same project to several Sponsor Bounties. Sponsor bounty details will be released on our Taikai hackathon page.

Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP), Privacy and Compliance

Real-World Assets (RWA), Oracles and Identity

Decentralised Finance (DeFi)

Decentralised Social Media and Gaming

AI, Account Abstraction and Emerging Ideas


Aleph Zero - $15,000
Tezos - $12,657
Flare - $12,000
Bitso - $11,000
Avalanche - $10,000
Near - $6,000
Starknet - $5,000
Filecoin - $5,000
Rhinestone - $3,000
Flock - $2,500
Solana - $3,500
Chainlink - $2,000
Gateway - $1,000
Please visit the Hackathon page on Taikai to read the bounty scope of each sponsor
Submissions to Sponsor Bounties and Judging is managed on the Mintycode platform.


Fri, Mar 8

17:30-Check-in for wristband & goodie bagsMain venue, outside L1
18:0045 minOpening and Keynote SpeechesMain venue, L1
18:45-Dinner (sandwiches)Main venue
19:001hBeginners Blockchain IntroMain venue, L1
19:003hTeam Formation & NetworkingMain venue
19:003hSponsor WorkshopsMain venue, L1, L4, L5
22:00-Hackathon Official StartTaikai hackathon platform


7:00 pm: Blockchain Development Workshop for
beginners, StarkNET L4, Avalanche L5, Solana C1-C2
8:30 pm: Blockchain Development for beginners L1, Tezos L4, Filecoin L59:00 pm: Flare L19:30 pm: Near L4, Aleph Zero L5

Sat, Mar 9

00:00-Midnight Spike Ball TournamentMain venue, Back entrance
09:001hCoffee and light breakfastMain venue, Mezzanine
11:001.5hHelp desk, mentors contact & help request formMain venue, L4
12:002hLunch (Mac & cheese)Main venue, Back entrance
12:301hLunch talksMain venue, L4
14:001.5hHelp desk, mentors contact & help request formMain Venue, Snacks area
14:001hYogaMain venue, L4
16:301hJacuzzi Cold Plunge and ChillHomeDAO HQ
17:001.5hHelp desk, mentors contact & help request formMain Venue, Snacks area
18:002hDinner (Paella)Main venue
20:001.5hHelp desk, mentors contact & help request formMain Venue, Snacks area
21:002hSuper Smash Bros TournamentHomeDAO HQ
22:003hPoker TournamentMain venue

Sun, Mar 10

00:001hMidnight Spike ball tournamentMain venue, Back entrance
09:001hCoffee and light breakfastMain venue, Mezzanine
11:001.5hHelp desk, mentors contact & help request formMain venue, Snacks area
12:002hLunch (Fideuá)Main venue
14:001.5hHelp desk, mentors contact & help request formMain Venue, Snacks area
17:00-Main Track SubmissionsTaikai platform
17:00-Sponsor Bounty SubmissionsMintycode platform
17:30~1.5hPresentation to Main Track Judges and SponsorsMain venue
19:004hBrazilian BBQ, event info & registration36 Morrell Avenue
20:301h5-a-side Football TournamentUnion Street Astroturf

Mon, Mar 11

11:001.5hOxford Tour. Second tour at 1 pm if this is oversubscribed. Just show up and ask for Vara for ETH Oxford Oxford Tour.Carfax tower
14:003hHomeDAO Applicants Meet-Up, apply hereOxford Wine Cellar
17:301.5hNetworking with drinks & Closing CeremonyExeter College, Fellows Garden
19:002.5h3-Course Gala Dinner incl. wine. TicketsExeter College, Dining hall

We look forward to welcoming you!

We'll send you the 50% Gala Ticket discount in the next 3 days.


  • $80,000+ in bounties, with something for all levels of experience

  • Free breakfast, lunch and dinner (continental catering)!

  • Mini-tourneys in Poker, Super Smash, Spikeball ($$$ prizes)

  • Jacuzzi and chill at HomeDAO headquarters


1. Secure your ticket
We will soon send you a link to deposit (also below) so you can confirm your attendance. This deposit is 100% refundable as long as you participate.
2. Join hackathon platform (Taikai) and our Discord
The Taikai invitation will be in your inbox in the next 3 days. You can join our Discord to find more learning resources and team mates!
3. Check out the webinars
Feb 19th, recording on X, ft. sponsors including Avalanche, Tezos, Flare, Flock.
Feb 26th, 4-5 pm streamed via @HomeDAO_live, ft NEAR, StarkNET, Solana,, and Filecoin
4. Find Team Mates
There'll be students joining from North America, Europe and Asia. Write in the Discord #find-a-team channel to get started. It's ok to be a beginner, many are!

Frequently Asked questions

Q. Can I register as a team?
A. No, hackers have to register individually. Once we've confirmed your registration and invited you as a participant via the Taikai hackathon platform you can then form a team.

Q. Who can attend ETH Oxford 2024?
A. ETH Oxford is targeted at creative minds with a hacker spirit. We don't just want blockchain engineers. Developers familiar with traditional software stacks are more than welcome! We also strongly believe that every team needs people who can research to understand the market, can present, and can design intuitive UI/UX. We will also have low-code/no-code options for people with less blockchain experience.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. ETH Oxford is 100% free for all approved hackers. However, a small deposit is required to help us manage our waitlist and attendee list.

Q. Do you provide scholarships for attendees' transportation or VISA?
A. No. However, we can provide a VISA letter and also have something called an Income Sharing Agreement which you can learn more about

Q. Is there food and beverages at the event?
A. Food and drinks will be provided free for all attendees including vegan options. We'll be providing lunch and dinner daily, and there will be random snacks and beverages available 24/7.

Q. Is there Wi-Fi at the event?
A. Of course. Students will be able to connect via Eduroam. All other users will be able to access high-speed guest WiFi provided by the Mathematical Institute.

Q. I am interested in exhibiting or becoming a sponsor, what do I do?
A. If you are interested in sponsoring ETH Oxford, please contact and we'll take it from there.

Q. I Need Help with the Hack
A. This is a form hackers can use to request help from ETH Oxford mentors. This will serve as a "help ticket" system, please don't hesitate to fill the form during the hack to request for help.

Q. Do I have to be a blockchain developer?
A. We welcome developers of all experience levels (and non-devs too) and there will be bounties adapted to your level. There will be workshops before and during the hacks to help you!

Q. How are applicants selected?
A. ETH Oxford curators aim at selecting the best, most participative and motivated, programmers and creatives. For this they rely on what candidates fill in their profiles. What matters is your potential and your passion for technology, no matter your level of experience.

Q. I was accepted but have a conflict so I can't attend, what do I do?
A. Please let us know via and we will return your deposit provided that you inform us on time.

Q. Can I bring a guest to the event?
A. No. All attendees must apply to the event individually.

Q. Should I arrange for a place to stay?
A. Hackers can choose to stay the night at the venue. If you plan to stay overnight, we require you to bring your own sleeping bag or purchase from us (£20). Our napping rooms will have a capacity of about 100 hackers. These rooms will be stashed with mattresses and limited pillows and blankets. There will be one napping room for non-male-identifying individuals.

Q. Are there hotels nearby?
A. ETH Oxford is in a very central location in the city, so there are plenty of hotels around. Check out the housing section on the website to find the discount codes.

Q. What’s the best transport to Oxford?
A. If you are arriving by flight, Heathrow (1h20m to Oxford by bus) is usually the best in terms of time, and often overall cost. Gatwick is second (2h20m by bus) and has many budget airline connections. Luton (2.5h by bus) and Stansted (3h+) lack good direct connections to Oxford, but may be the most affordable if you are willing to spend the time on buses/trains!

Still have questions?
A. Head over to our Discord and ask away! You can also file a support ticket there.


For sponsorship requests, please reach out to simon |at| home-dao.comFor general inquiries, please contact ethoxford |at|